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Discover Art, Conferences, and Resources That Can Transform Your Life!

Bring Life to Your Home with Abstract Art that Speaks to You!

white woman smiling looking at phone while sitting in a cafe drinking a latte

Are you looking for unique art pieces to compliment your style and create an atmosphere of joy & inspiration?

The Seekers_edited.jpg

Explore a unique collection of mixed media abstract paintings that will bring these elements into your space and transform it into a vibrant and expressive home.


No matter the size or complexity of the painting, each piece will add a unique and beautiful touch that will be sure to fill you with hope and joy.

Painting Brushes

Attend a Conference

Learn to overcome fear by reframing the way you think.

Jo Cooney showing her art to woman and man at Creator's Image Conference

I have seen individuals become more confident when facing fear, stand up in the midst of challenges and experience greater success in life.


Through these conferences, I have helped people become more mindful of their thoughts and emotions, allowing them to take control of their environment and live a life that is free of fear and anxiety. 

The conference was amazing and super powerful!  I'm a big fan of the art pieces and I'm glad I attended.  I can't wait for the next one...

Jason J, PA

Create an Atmosphere of Peace in Your Home with Audio & Book Resources

Although the world can be unpredictable, it is possible to find peace and courage in the midst of uncertainty.

Creator's Image products give you practical strategies to effectively fight fear, allowing you to take your newfound confidence and strength into any situation. Incorporating these tools into your life can help to permanently reshape the way you think and empower you to create a future full of hope.

black woman smiling listening to music on phone with headphones
Free Spirit
Jo Cooney smiling with come and see hat with art in background

What Inspires Me?

A big source of inspiration for me is the people around me. Seeing their victory in the face of adversity, their courage to fight against their fear, and their resilience to never give up no matter the odds, has always been a source of motivation for me.


It gives me the determination to keep creating, no matter how hard life may get. It drives me to continue exploring new ways to be a light and a positive influence when darkness seems to be all around. Knowing that I can make a positive difference and bring joy to others, gives me the energy to keep going and inspire those around me.

Jo Cooney using paint brush on abstract painting Going Home
palette knife and paint brush on abstract painting
Jo Cooney using palette knife on abstract painting I AM
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