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  • Learn who you are & discover the resources you have to combat fear in your life.

  • Enjoy fun interaction as you gain skills that you can practice every day

  • Experience unique artwork intended to encourage transformation

What Makes This Different?

Interaction, fun & art!


Not all people learn well in an academic environment and who wants to sit through hours of lecture when you have an invitation to interact and have fun?


I have always been a visual learner and I know that images have the power to shape the way you think in a positive, life-giving way.  I believe one of the best avenues to learning is to engage the imagination and put to action skills you can consistently use on a regular basis.


After these conferences, you may find yourself transformed, energized to overcome the obstacles in your life... in fact I’m counting on it!  When you believe the truth about yourself, it changes the way you think, talk and act and that is the key to transforming the health of your relationships, your quality of life and your physical well-being.

Are You Ready for Transformation?

Not Just Any Conference...

Knowing your identity is vital to living your life in the freedom God gave you.

Hear from Jason Jones about why he thinks the conferences are life changing...

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What Others Are Saying:

"I appreciated Jo incorporating her artwork during the conference.  As someone who responds to visuals, it helped to convey the message of who I am in Christ.”

- Dee


For info on art exhibits, conferences & other updates

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