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Ever Wake Up Feeling Down?

Start waking up every morning sunny side up!

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I believe the first moments after you wake up are very critical to the success of your day.  I used to experience depression, dissatisfaction and loneliness in the morning and even sometimes for several days.  I was tired of feeling emotionally defeated so I decided to make a change.


I committed to speaking declarations over myself and the situations I faced.  I determined to believe it was the truth and decided I would not back down from it regardless of the outcome.  


That decision has greatly changed my life and I believe it can change yours too!

Start your day declaring victory with Jo's Morning Declarations CD every morning!

Download a digital copy or buy the CD & see your day turn around!

MD CD Physical Copy

What People Are Saying:


"This CD lifts me up. I am more centered, so I can let go of the fear and I can move on with my day.  I’m in a good place and peace comes over me.  I absolutely love it.”

- Maria

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Invest In Yourself!
My Journey to Prosperity Book
You Were Meant for So Much More!

• Discover the truth about what truly makes a person prosperous

• I'll share with you my own personal stories of breakthrough

• I'll give you practical life-changing principles that will help you grow 

Not Just Another Prosperity Book...

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“This book is life changing. I read it and so many good points to use in my daily life.  It really opened my eyes through the author’s experiences of how much you can trust God even in difficult times.  It definitely increased my faith in him. Highly recommend for anyone who feels challenged trusting God.”

"I found the book to be easy reading. I also found after reading the book, I had an incredible peace of mind. It was absolutely and truly amazing."

"This book is not long, but it is packed with many points to ponder. The author tells of her own experiences in learning to live a life of prosperity. Normally we think of prosperity as only referring to material prosperity but she shows us through examples from her own life how it is much more."

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"It was so good to read testimonies of what God did and can do in our lives.  I believe the principals in this book are a good reminder of what we as believers can do.  I found myself praying a lot of the scripture written in the book and was encouraged to apply the practical tips to my own life.”

- Jennifer

Prosperity Book
Tired of coming up with solutions to the issues you face?

You take two steps forward only to end up

right back where you started...

My Own Story

That's where my life was.  I was frustrated, feeling stuck, like I was all out of options but my life drastically changed when I made a commitment to make daily declarations.  I didn't realize the profound journey I was about to start.  This book was the beginning of that journey.

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A Taste to Wet Your Appetite...

“Having stuff doesn’t necessarily mean enjoying it.”


“Prosperity and poverty have their root on the soul level. They contain a person’s health physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and financially. A CEO who makes millions of dollars can be impoverished with sickness, a broken family life, and depression. Money doesn’t make you prosperous.”

"When you make that decision, you'll start to see things change.  Joy will begin to flow from the inside.  Your thoughts will be dominated by thankfulness and love for the Father."

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