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Morning Mist over Forest

Start Your Day with Joy Using These Audio Resources!

Ever Wake Up Feeling Down?

Jo Cooney's Morning Declarations Faith Boosters CD cover
Person standing on a balcony

Start waking up every morning sunny side up!

Having a positive attitude and outlook in life is essential for success. Making sure that the words you say first thing in the morning are consistent with God's Word will help you start your day off on the right way. Speaking God's Word will help to realign your thoughts and emotions with His, and will shift your focus away from fear and toward joy and peace. Doing this each morning will set you up for success and open the doors to a life free from fear and worry.

Don't let your negative thoughts or experiences
weigh you down. - Be filled with a renewed sense of hope and joy!

I have seen the power of speaking God's Word to completely turn my life around. Every morning I wake up with a sense of purpose and a desire to make the most of my day and I want you to experience that same freedom.

I've created the Morning Declarations: Faith Boosters CD to help teach you how to declare peace and life over your day using the Word of God.  As you consistently listen to and repeat the declarations, you will see the power of God's Word manifesting in your life.

MD CD Physical Copy
woman smiling holding Jo Cooney's Morning Declarations CD making a peace sign
This CD lifts me up.  I am more centered, so I can let go of the fear and I can move on with my day.  I'm in a good place and peace comes over me.  I absolutely love it!

- Maria, PA

MD CD Samples

17 Powerful Declarations to Help You Start Your Day Off with Purpose.

Young white woman drinking coffee on a sunny morning in the bed, happy to enjoy her day

With an inspiring blend of spoken word and soothing music, this CD is sure to give you the motivation you need each morning.

How Declarations Helped Me

I believe the first moments after you wake up are very critical to the success of your day.  I used to experience depression, dissatisfaction and loneliness in the morning and even sometimes for several days.  I was tired of feeling emotionally defeated so I decided to make a change.


I committed to speaking declarations over myself and the situations I faced.  I determined to believe it was the truth and decided I would not back down from it regardless of the outcome.  

Profile picture of Jo Cooney smiling, listening to music on a sunny day after a workout.
Two white women talking at a cafe, sharing something good on their phone.

I started to notice the power of my words when I began to speak with faith and conviction. I began to see that these words were not only changing my circumstances, but they were also changing my perspective and my mindset. My words were becoming a form of prayer and a way to direct my focus towards the things I wanted in life. I became more positive, confident and optimistic. I was no longer weighed down by the negativity of the world and my own doubts. I was now able to take control of my life and create the kind of success and abundance I had been longing for.


This, my friend, is what I desire for you.  You can live a life free of fear and full of the richness of life!

Morning Mist over Forest

You Were Meant for So Much More!

Jo Cooney's book My Journey to Prosperity

In This Book...

Find Out What It Means to Live in True Prosperity

Healthy Woman
Prosperity Book

Not Just Another Prosperity Book...

Young husband and wife having breakfast casually on a sunny morning, happily talking

• Discover the truth about what truly makes a person prosperous

• I'll share with you my own personal stories of breakthrough

• I'll give you practical life-changing principles that will help you turn challenging situations into opportunities for success. 

Quotes That Others Liked:

“Having stuff doesn’t necessarily mean enjoying it.”

Young white woman sitting on her balcony on a sunny spring morning reading her tablet, drinking coffee.

“Prosperity and poverty have their root on the soul level. They contain a person’s health physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and financially. A CEO who makes millions of dollars can be impoverished with sickness, a broken family life, and depression. Money doesn’t make you prosperous.”

"When you make that decision, you'll start to see things change.  Joy will begin to flow from the inside.  Your thoughts will be dominated by thankfulness and love for the Father."

A young black casual woman happily checking her phone, sitting on her couch on a sunny day.
MD CD Physical Copy
woman smiling holding Jo Cooney's My Journey to Prosperity Book
It was so good to read testimonies of what God did and can do in our lives in Jo's book.  I believe the principles in it are a good reminder of what we as believers can do.  I found myself praying a lot of the scripture written in the book and was encouraged to apply the practical tips to my own life.

- Jennifer, PA

Flower in Sunlight

Feeling stuck in the challenges you face?

Jo Cooney smiling holding her My Journey to Prosperity Book

You take two steps forward only to end up

right back where you started...

My Own Story

That's where my life was.  I was frustrated, feeling stuck, like I was all out of options but my life drastically changed when I made a commitment to make daily declarations.  I didn't realize the profound journey I was about to start. This book was the beginning of that journey.

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