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Jo Cooney founded Creator's Image in 2012 with the vision to utilize visual arts as an interactive tool for people in need of spiritual restoration. Her passion drives her to use her art as a means to speak life and healing into dark places.  Taste and See… (Spirit), an art devotional book, as well as a collection of fine art postcards were produced and designed by Jo to be a ground breaking step in creating practical resources for social workers, counselors and leaders in their field.  Her materials have been utilized in undergraduate and graduate counseling classes, revolutionizing the perception of art therapy to include fine arts. 

Jo is a mixed media artist and award-winning photographer, presenting work which reflects her love for creation, humanity and their narrative found in God’s redemptive Story. Married with divine truth, her work welcomes viewers to connect with God deeply and offers a different perspective into the world around them, one where people walk on water, heal the blind and even raise the dead.

In 2013, Jo was invited to be a guest on a radio show interviewing her about her art business and her photography was featured in Cairn Magazine and in the University’s mural celebrating their centennial milestone.  As a former member of Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA), Jo presented her work at the 2015 conference, Between Two Worlds, at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Sabbath Grain, a featured solo photography exhibit, was displayed at White Stone Gallery in the Frankford Arts Corridor of Philadelphia, making it a milestone for her work.

Creator's Image mission is to speak life and healing into dark places through the arts.

Acrylic painting Through Heaven's Eyes
oil pastel painting portals
acrylic painting Heal


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