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Your Creativity is Your Weapon Against the Darkness

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Take Your Stand Against the Darkness and Discover Your Secret Weapon!

The darkness may seem overwhelming, but we know Jesus is greater!  It's time to step up and shine His light into the world!


If you're a Believer in Jesus who wants to make a difference for the Kingdom of God, join us for the Agents of Hope Conference.

Saturday, June 22nd

Deliverance Missions for Christ Church

Philadelphia, PA. 

Don't let the enemy take over your life any longer! As a creative, your unique calling and creative gifts have the power to bring light to the world and destroy his efforts to create chaos and fear. Your creativity is your secret weapon to fight the darkness and give Believers hope, fulfilling your God-given purpose in these last days.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to become an Agent of Hope and make a real impact!

Are you ready to be an Agent of Hope? Let's do this!

Click below to reserve your seat for the upcoming conference!

Seating is limited and may fill up quickly!


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