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middle aged man raising his hands with eyes closed in worship during the Creators Image conference in Philadelphia
Black woman her holding baby standing next to Jo Cooney while sharing her thoughts during the Creator's Image conference
Jo Cooney speaking at Creator's Image conference as she and the audience stands with hands lifted up in worship
Audience at Creator's Image conference stands and raises hands with eyes closed in worship

Creator's Image I AM here Conference

Share Your Stories!

Black man in the audience at Creator's Image Conference stands with attendees raising his hands in worship
Jo Cooney waves a red flag over her head as she's speaking at the Creator's Image conference
Jo Cooney shows her artwork to black woman holding her baby at the Creator's Image conference

What an amazing conference we had - and you were apart of it!  You roared your declarations, shared insight into the message God deposited in you and made this year's event a great one!  God truly far exceeded anything I could have imagined or thought!

Now it's time to share your stories...  What did God show you?  How did He exceed your expectations?  Consider putting together a video recording of your thoughts, experiences and memories of the Creator's Image Imagine Conference.

These videos will be compiled for the website & social media to get the word out about what God has done in your life and the lives of others who were touched.

Jo Cooney, a motivational speaker, speaks to audience at Creator's Image conference
  • Record a short 2-5 minute video about your experiences at the conference

  • What did you like?  Was there an art piece that impacted you?

  • What was your favorite memory?

This year's Creator's Image Conference will be livestreamed as well as in person.  While it is better to attend in person so you can experience the atmosphere of God and meet other believers in Jesus, we know it may not be possible for everyone to attend.  This year, we will be streaming the conference starting at 9am for the first session.  There will be a 15 minute break in between and then the livestream will start back up at 10:15am and again for the third session at 11:30

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