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I AM here.

Creator's Image explores "The Kingdom" through a series of paintings.  Come take the journey.

I AM here - and so is God

I AM here is a movement that actively invites God’s Holy Spirit into everyday life, extending His presence into your world and motivating you to touch people by acts His love!  I AM is the personal name of God that speaks of His reputation of infinite power, majesty, compassion and love.  In ancient times, God dwelled among His people in a physical temple.  Today He dwells within the heart of those who pursue Him through the Holy Spirit.  When you actively invite Him into every aspect of your life, it flourishes and in turn, spills out blessings onto others. 

The “I AM here” Logo is a tangible illustration of the Holy Place in which God dwelled on earth in the temple described in the Bible while also filling the entire universe with His presence.  The boxes in the center are a reminder that God’s Holy Place is now within center of those who make a home for God.

The "I AM here" Movement encourages you to effect change in your world by extending love to people you meet.  It is Creator's Image desire that the "I AM here" logo would become a symbol of hope and comfort. 

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