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Growing up in Ambler, PA, I  felt a strong sense of purpose to create artwork thatconveys the heart of God for a close, personal relationship with people. Now based in Philadelphia, my passion has grown to use my artwork to help people experience freedom from fear by  embracing the truth of God’s Word and acting on it with unwavering faith, knowing they are deeply loved by their Creator.


Through my art, I have seen profound changes in those who engage with it. Annually, I organize conferences in the Philadelphia region that incorporate my art and educate believers on their identity in Christ. I guide them in proclaiming God's Word over their lives, resulting in remarkable transformations.


I have also worked to create resources meant to be used in the home on a daily basis, solidifying the victory experienced in meditating on God’s promises every day.


I firmly believe that the world needs Believers who are grounded in God’s love, know their identity in Christ, and stand unwavering in their commitment to following Him, even in the face of fear. My goal is to assist God's people in making this as a tangible reality in their lives - To speak life into dark places.

Part 2 - Creating Father & Son - Discovering your artistic creative voice

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Add some flair to your space with original mixed media abstract paintings by Jo Cooney. These bold, vibrant paintings are a great accent piece for your modern contemporary decor.
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