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The Accident - An Unlikely Intervention

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

An expanded version of the brief story written in my book

As a believer you aren’t always prepared for the unexpected but you do always have the means to overcome whatever situation you face!

I was over a friend’s house hanging out and working on a train layout. While painting scenery, I heard an odd sound and thought it was a truck coming to a screeching halt but in the next few minutes a different story unfolded.

The words I heard made the next few days feel like weeks. “You’ve gotta come down here! Someone’s hit your car!” My initial feeling was naturally fear but the next moment was supernatural. I stopped right where I was and prayed, “God, I refuse to worry. I place this into Your hands. I trust You.” I could feel the pressure to fear behind my friend's urgent beckonings to talk to the man who hit my car, so in a counteracting gesture, I slowed myself down. I walked slowly downstairs, put on my coat and paused for a few moments to think about the documents I needed. I’m sure my friend couldn’t understand why I was taking so long getting outside but I couldn’t afford to allow fear any opportunity.

I was met by a man walking up the driveway holding insurance and registration papers in his hands. “I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry…” he kept saying, remorsefully holding his head in his hands. I put my hand on his shoulder, “Let’s look at the car.” We walked out to the car and surveyed the damage. My driver’s front panel, bumper and door were wrecked and I could barely open the door to get my arm through. This is bad, real bad... I could feel those words wanting to roll off my tongue but under the direction of the Holy Spirit, I kept silent. At this point I didn’t feel a thing except peace. It was like my brain knew it was bad but something was blocking any negative feelings.

A police officer arrived and took statements. He spoke to me first and then to the man who was now sitting in his car trying to stay warm on the very frigid February night. The entire time I kept thinking I should give him something. I rummaged through my car and found two CD sets from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, “The Faith of the Believer” and “The Anointing.” I couldn't settle on which to give him but after a very brief conversation with the Holy Spirit, I decided to give him both.

I stood in the grass waiting for the officer to finish talking with the man, then quickly walked over to the car. Anticipating a potentially escalating situation, the officer held out his hand to tell me that I didn’t need any further information from the driver. I assured him I was not going to ask for information and continued walking toward the car. I could sense tension in the officer, preparing for an altercation.

I came to the man’s window and offered him the CDs. “I want to give you these. They have helped me through difficult times and I think they could help you too.” He looked at the CDs and broke down. “It’s funny…I haven’t been to church in a very long time.” He wiped away the tears and thanked me. After a brief moment I said, “I am a believer in Jesus and I know God will take care of me in this situation but is there anything I can pray for you about?” “Everything…” he said through tears. When I moved closer to lay hands on him he opened his door and stepped out of the car. “I’m getting out the car for this.” He held out his hands, we prayed, then he went on his way.

While I don’t believe that God was the one who caused the accident, I do believe this man was being pursued by the Father and wanted to get his attention. In those moments of peace, all I felt was compassion and love for this man. If this disruption in my world meant his salvation than I was more than happy to be apart of it all.

The next few days were not so easy. Dealing with insurance companies, you hear every negative and doubt filled word your spirit can handle. After days of non-stop calls, I was exhausted. It felt like a mountain of road blocks were being placed in the way, hindering any forward motion. It wasn’t until Wednesday of the following week that I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Today is a day of movement.” I managed to reserve a rental car, tow the car to the shop and get the ball rolling on the insurance claim.

At first I had planned to take the car over to the dealership, thinking they would be the best at handling the repairs on my brand new Prius. Oddly enough the dealership did not have the resources for the repairs needed and were less than helpful. They instead referred me to an auto body shop about a mile from where the accident occurred. After the flurry of unhelpful phone calls, the woman who answered the phone at the auto body shop was the refreshment I needed. She was the first person I spoke to who was reassuring, and willing to go to bat for me. She offered to take a portion of my deductible off what I owed their shop as a gesture of goodwill but I saw it as the BLESSING of the Lord and His favor. That phone call was like an oasis in the middle of the chaos.

Knowing there would be a long wait for the repairs and that the rental car would come out of my own pocket, I asked the Holy Spirit for direction. The idea came to me - Maybe my manager would allow me to work from home. I knew that our department had not been granted the option of working from home but it was worth a shot. I composed an email, prayed, and sent it off and within five minutes my manager responded, “I’ll see what I can do.”

The next moment I found myself being personally escorted by my manager to the IT department to have a laptop setup especially for me. Any issues with installing programs were handled with utmost priority. God had granted me favor when I needed it most.

Being at home knowing you don’t have the freedom of a car can work on your mind. You start to really crave social interaction. When I found myself low on encouragement, I was refreshed when a friend offered to give me a ride to a weekly prayer gathering we had at our church. A fresh dose of the Rhema (The Word of God), the Holy Spirit and other believers was just what I needed. And as an extra boost, I received a phone call and voice message from a representative in Kenneth Copeland Ministries Partner Relations department. While she was just checking that I received my partner card, her voice was so warm and full of love and another refreshing oasis. One thing I’ve noticed about my interactions with KCM representatives is that no matter what you’re calling about, whether it's to check on the status of an order, ask about a conference or call for prayer, I’ve always felt a heavy measure of God's presence and love.

When I returned her call, we shared a well needed laugh as well as a good conversation that lifted my spirit. I told her about the accident and we prayed in agreement for the man’s salvation and the restoration of my car and finances. She declared, “Nothing missing, nothing broken,” over my situation. Only weeks later I received my car back fully repaired just like I had drove it off the lot the day I bought it. Within the following month, I received the final check from the insurance company covering all my costs including the rental as well as an extra $150! Praise God for the victory that has overcome the world in every area of our lives!


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