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The Kingdom

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Many thoughts have been on my mind since the service this past Sunday. The topic? The Kingdom of Heaven. Oddly enough, I haven't found too many churches that go more in depth than just "pearly gates, gold and mansions." My heart told me otherwise. There has to be something more, something missing.

The Kingdom was a big burden on Jesus' heart when He spoke to the people. He even proclaimed that "His Kingdom is not of this world." For the past week the Kindom has been evading my thoughts. I felt frustrated like I was merely chipping away at something that had a core running much deeper than my motal eyes could see. So...I prayed. Prayed for wisdom. Prayed for the Lord to teach me about His Kingdom and, like a loving Father eager to teach His precious children, He showed me His wonders...

Often the simplest piece of the puzzle is missed unless you are searching for it. This Sunday, the Lord handed me that piece. ...the Kingdom of Heaven is not in mansions, gold and crowns. It's so far beyond that. It is limitless because it is found in the spiritual realm. It is attitude, perspective, renewing the mind. It is laying down your own understanding of the world and learning to see the possibilities. It is God making something from nothing. 2 Fish + 5 Loaves = 5000 with a remainer of 12 baskets! It is the story of the Bible- beginning to end and beyond. It is found in our origin that so many have forgotten...

Full Circle

In the beginning we knew only one thing- God. We were created by Him, through Him and for Him. But then came the choice; God's way or ours. The curse of knowledge brings autonomy--individuality--separation. Now that we have our own understanding of the world our connection to the true vine was severed. With our new found lover, pride, our Creator's voice could no longer be heard above her cries.

The Kingdom didn't stop there, my friends. Its heartbeat still pulses through everything the Lord created. While knowledge of good and evil grounds us to the world the spirit of the Kingdom flows freely through time and space revealing its glory every now and then in the life span of human history.

"Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." -His will is to complete the circle.

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