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Is Art Necessary?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Is art necessary? It is like asking, is breathing necessary? Art is the interaction between the human spirit, emotion, and the physical representation thereof. A person’s spirit needs to be fed. An example of this would be a warm weather day and the blooming of the trees lifts the spirit of the people observing them. Art can whisper to the needs of the spirit where words cannot. Unfortunetly art is a powerful tool that often gets neglected in the Christian world. Often the corporate church sets aside things they do not understand out of fear. Art rooted in God is like the woman of wisdom whom, if you take the time to pursue, will show you her secrets and depth of her beauty.

Why is art necessary? It is necessary to remember why God made us. To remember who we are and the relationship we used to have with the one we bare the image of. To understand why He created His symphony, His tapestry, His ballet, we need to learn from the past and restore art to the purpose it was intended for: to have an intimate relationship with God by worshipping and co-creating with Him.

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